Projects projected into the 21st century

Projects projected into the 21st century

MIRVITA FREESPACE – THE FUTURE merges the dimension of ART, SCIENCE and HUMANISM into a unicum, projecting them into the 21st century.

In fact, a structure has been created that identifies a place in which to exercise pure creative sensitivity in Art, Science and the humanities by merging them. 


Title of the poem: THE LAST TOAST

I drink to a destroyed house,

to my wretched life,

to solitudes lived in two

and I drink to you:

to the deception of lips that betrayed,

to the dead frost of your eyes,

to a cruel and crude world,

to a God who did not save us

Последний тост

Я пью за разорённый дом,

За злую жизнь мою,

За одиночество вдвоём,

И за тебя я пью, —

За ложь меня предавших губ,

За мертвый холод глаз,

За то, что мир жесток и груб,

За то, что Бог не спас.

Anna Andréevna AchmátovanataGorenko(inrussoА́нна Андре́евна Ахма́това?;Bol'soj Fontan,23 giugno1889–Mosca,5 marzo 1966) was a Soviet poet, considered among the greatest of the century in the Russian language.

Nominated in 1965 for the Nobel Prize in Literature, in whose final ranking he came second behind fellow countryman Mikhail Holokhov, he was among the most critical against Stalinism, historical period in which her first husband was shot and her second husband and son were sentenced to imprisonment in the gulags. He received literary rehabilitation from the Soviet authorities in old age, shortly before his death in Moscow in 1966[1].

Wikipedia source.

MIRVITA is a place of Art and Research, a unique design asset both in the existing and in the designed part.

The ongoing developments both in Italy and abroad have confirmed that the cultural and design dimension of MIRVITA is a powerful factor for growth and development and that the osmosis between culture and specificity of the territories is capable of generating new development.

MIRVITA identifies itself as an “attractant of innovation and culture open to the world”

Il Progetto MIRVITA oltre l’invisibile

MIRVITA, in collaboration with national and international institutions (among these we remember, in particular, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics), Artists, Poets, non-profit organizations, etc. is promoting and coordinating for the next few years specific permanent, avant-garde and international structural projects that constitute the backbone of

MIRVITA’s “Systemic Art Program” for the 21st century

in an advanced stage of implementation.

Marco Pallavicini is Professor of Physics of Fundamental Interactions at the University of Genoa and researcher at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN). He worked in the 90s in the USA at Fermilab and SLAC, dealing with physics of elementary particles and in particular the physics of heavy quarks "charm" and "beauty".

He participated in ESA missions to study cosmic rays in the atmosphere. Author of more than 300 scientific works and winner of a grant from the European Research Council, he deals mainly with neutrino physics, solar physics and research of matter and dark energy. He’s co-lead on the Borexino experiment at the INFN labs in Gran Sasso.

He is starting new research activities related to neutrino physics in the USA, dark matter research at the Gran Sasso Laboratories and the study of dark energy in space. Since 2014 he has been President of the National Commission that coordinates and finances the research in astroparticle physics of the INFN. Since 2016 he has been President of the Festival della Scienza of Genoa, an event of more than 300 events with more than 230,000 visitors per year.

– MIRVITA ArtScienceHumanism Annual Colloquium XXI st
– MIRVITA ArtScienceHumanism Research Residence
– MIRVITA Listening and Sound Cosmic Center
– MIRVITA International Research and Exhibition ArtScienceHumanism Lab “Black Holes XXIst”
– MIRVITA ArtScienceHumanism interdisciplinary Education Lab
– MIRVITA Humanities for a new relational grammar: poetry, literature, theater in the digital age During the “MIRVITA Summer

    Events 2020” two artistic locations were inaugurated: MIRVITA Open Theater and MIRVITA “ASH” (new neologism:

    “ArtScienceHumanism”) Cosmic Agorà:
– MIRVITA Cosmic Hightech attractor and Quantum Innovation Lab
– MIRVITA Datascience, Artificial Intelliugence and Arts XXIst Ongoing research projects:
– “Young ideas for young people in the wake of the Unovis experience”
– “Bold thoughts: creativity at the work of colliding worlds” FREESPACE


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MIRVITA Open Theatre

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The project dimension of MIRVITA is nearing completion and constitutes a contribution to the search for new directions and tools for sharing and dialogue at national and international level. It exists and expresses the ability of Culture to be a factor of development, a catalyst of production processes and human relations and to contribute to economic, social and environmental growth as well as to sustainability.

MIRVITA FREESPACE – THE FUTURE  is a courageous interpreter of its time. It is the expression of a commitment of High Citizenship. For ten years now she has been engaged in the creation of a design creativity that the pandemic has accelerated but keeping her feet firmly on the ground, humbly faithful to the essence of things and to a healthy realism of the Germanic tradition.

The Project has a great capacity for dragging and mass subjectivity, referring, in particular, to the involvement of the younger generations towards whom we have not only a moral duty but a concrete commitment to support them – without reservations – in the construction of the New World that will see them as protagonists.

Together we want to write a new and changing page for social coexistence, in step with the challenges we face.

MIRVITA is a cure to stem the effects of the social, environmental and economic pandemic that is gripping us.

Below are the in-depth analyzes of some projects:


MIRVITA ArtScienceHumanism Annual ColloquiumXXI st

Following the conference already held during the sixteenth edition of Confindustria’s business culture week, the initiative consists in organizing annually at MIRVITA a two-day study meeting on frontier issues between these three worlds that increasingly collide . In short, interpreting the tectonic upheavals in Art and Science and in the human disciplines which, combined with the social movements of globalization, are determining a New World with languages, values, sounds, governance tools different from those known to date.

The Colloquiums will perform the function of anticipatory sensors of systemic tectonic changes on Planet Earth in its interaction not only within the Solar System but also with the extrasolar world.

The Colloquiums will have the task of mobilizing intelligence and imagining the new balances and tools for their governance.

Project n. 2

MIRVITA ArtScienceHumanism Research Residence
“ San Francesco – Kasimir Malevic – Albert Einstein”

The sources of inspiration for this first initiative were, on the one hand, the experience of UNOVIS (the acronym means “the champions of the new art”) founded by Chagall, and then led by Kasimir Malevic at the Vitebsk School of Art in 1919. for the daring young people of a century ago and, on the other, the changes taking place in Art and Science in the 21st century: the developments of the Science of Gravitational Waves, Artificial Intelligence, the new dimension reached by the exploration projects of the Cosmos but also the new perceptions, vibrations, resonances in Contemporary Art.

The goal is to encourage the creation and development of “Audacious Thoughts” through the simultaneous presence, for at least a month, at MIRVITA, of a group of young scientists and young artists from these two worlds in “collision”.

Fertility, productivity, visionary research are the reference vectors. The works created will be donated by the artists / authors and will contribute to forming the MIRVITA Fund open to the world.

This initiative should also enhance and attract talents to revitalize the territory and develop a “new world”, a new vision in the cosmic era. An international Advisory Board will identify the annual theme of ArtScience shared research for 2019, 2020 and 2021. Parallel workshops could be organized for the deepening of the themes covered by the research.