Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

This policy (together with the Terms of Use, the Cookie Policy and any other documents referred to) describes in detail how the data collected by us and those provided by users are processed. This legislation covers SimpleSite websites (now in different markets that are operated by SimpleSite aps or any subsidiary company (to which we collectively refer as "SimpleSite" or "us"). We provide this privacy policy to inform you about how we collect, process and protect the personal information of visitors and owners of our websites. Personal information means information that personally identifies you, such as your name, email address, phone number, address, etc. By using our website and apps you are consenting to the terms described in this document. About us: SimpleSite aps is a company registered in Denmark under number 10079861. The address of our office and company headquarters is Toldbodgade 31, st. tv, 1253 Copenhagen K, Denmark.

1. WHAT DATA DO WE COLLECT? SimpleSite may collect and process the following data when you visit our website: * Information you provide to us by filling in the forms on our website. This includes information you provided to us when you registered for our site, subscribed to our service, posted content or requested more services, posted comments, you have registered for the newsletter and promotions or you have used contact forms. * A record of correspondence with you. * Details of your visits to our website, including but not limited to traffic, location, web logs and other communication data, whether for billing purposes or not, and the resources you access. * Information indicating whether or not you clicked on certain ...

contained in the emails we sent you. * Information about your computer, including, if available, your IP address, operating system, browser type, and device ID for system administration and reporting overall information to our advertisers; in addition, the information obtained from cookies. You will find more information about this in the Cookie Policy. This data does not necessarily allow us to identify you personally. * Cookies and similar technologies. When you use our website or mobile app, we collect information through cookies and similar technologies.

For more information, please read the Cookie Policy on our website. SimpleSite does not ask you to enter personal data to visit SimpleSite websites. When you sign up for SimpleSite we ask you: * Your email address and why you want to create a new website. * Texts, images and videos for your website. * Social networks. If you want to log in with Facebook Login or Google+ Sign-in you are allowing SimpleSite to use and accumulate information related to your profile, allowing us to use the social media feature on our website or app. The social media provider may send us information, in line with their policies, which may include your name, profile photo, sex, friend list and any other information you have decided to make available.

Other information about reviews exchanged between you and your friends may be shared. Please note that if your Facebook or Google+ friends are using SimpleSite, they may have posted information about you through Facebook Login or Google+ Sign-in. If you want to prevent this sharing, you can change the privacy settings of your Facebook or Google+ account or the other social media settings you use. * Subscription purchased. If you choose to upgrade to a paid subscription, we need your name and address, as well as payment details. * Registration of the domain. If you choose to register a domain, we will collect information following the rules governing the domain to be registered.

Mandatory information always includes a phone number, tax number or VAT number, date of birth and more depending on the type of domain you register. * Online store. If you create an online store we will need your name, address, phone number and tax number/VAT number. In addition to this you will be asked to provide the price, delivery price, photos, description and information about the products you enter in your online store, as well as information regarding VAT management.

If you decide to receive payments from your customers via PayPal, we will ask you to identify your PayPal account and allow SimpleSite to manage transactions on your behalf. * Visit and use an online store: If you purchase from an online store of a SimpleSite customer we will ask for your name and address. If your payment is made via PayPal, we will need to collect additional information to verify your payment status and complete it. The information will be shared with the SimpleSite customer who manages the relevant online store. * It is written explicitly if a data is mandatory or not.

2. HOW DO WE COLLECT DATA? There are two main methods we use: We collect information through the use of our services. In other words, when you visit or use our services, when you browse our website or our user’s website, if you register an account, if you modify your website with us and add information and content, We are aware of this and may collect and record related information independently or with the help of third party services, as described in Section 5, including the use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

We collect the information you voluntarily provide to us. For example, we collect personal information that you communicate to us when you register for our service; when you login to our services through third parties such as Facebook or Google; when you purchase and/or register a domain name; when you communicate your personal data while using our services and/or when you contact us directly

3. Why do we collect data? To provide and manage our services for our Customers, Visitors and Partners To provide websites to Visitors on behalf of our Customers To assist our Customers For marketing purposes To maintain and improve security and to detect and prevent misuse and fraud To comply with laws and regulations To improve and develop our Services, based on the choices, behaviour and feedback of our Visitors and Customers

4. Why do we collect data? To provide and manage our services for our Customers, Visitors and Partners To provide websites to Visitors on behalf of our Customers To assist our Customers For marketing purposes To maintain and improve security and to detect and prevent misuse and fraud To comply with laws and regulations To improve and develop our Services, based on the choices, behaviour and feedback of our Visitors and Customers.

5. THIRD PARTIES SimpleSite uses third party service to provide and improve our service. These include billing and payment services, domain registrars, email delivery services, web analytics, hosting services, content delivery networks, marketing and performance services, services to recognize and prevent scams, spam and abuse, computer services, registry services and financial and accounting advisors. These services by third parties have access to or receive data about visitors, users, and users of users.

This data may include part or all of the personal data depending on the function of the service and third parties may use the data for the sole purpose of performing the work for which they were hired. We may disclose your personal data for any of the reasons mentioned above to any member of our group, which includes our subsidiaries, the holding company and its subsidiaries. This also includes the entities we may acquire in the future.

We may also disclose your personal data in response to subpoenas, injunctions, trials, or to exercise our legal rights and to defend against complaints or complaints, if we believe in good faith that the law requires us to do so, with or without communication from us.

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ICANN Registrant Benefits and Responsibilities Education Materials The Regulations and Terms for all types of domains can be viewed at

6. SECURITY MEASURES SimpleSite has implemented security measures to ensure that data is processed in a way that ensures the appropriate security of personal data, including protection against illegal or unlawful processing and prevention of loss, destruction or damage. SimpleSite uses industry standard measures to safeguard the confidentiality of personal data, including encryption, firewalls, and secure sockets layer (SSL). Payment and payment method data are subject to particularly strict security measures and are managed by approved Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard services that ensure appropriate security measures. From time to time, we review our security procedures and evaluate new methods and technologies.

We regularly monitor our systems to make sure there are no vulnerabilities or weaknesses, and we regularly review new methods and services provided by third parties to increase the security of our service and the privacy protection of our Customers and Visitors. If SimpleSite is under attack and your data is involved, we will contact you if there is a risk that your data will be misused and if we are legally obliged to do so. In some cases SimpleSite would also be obliged by law to contact the authorities as a result of a private data breach.

7. VISITORS TO CUSTOMER WEBSITES SimpleSite may collect, store and process certain information about Visitors to our Customers' websites (Customer Visitor Information), on behalf of our Customer and at their request. For example, each of our Customers can import, collect and manage contacts via their website and take orders via their online store. These contacts are retained by SimpleSite on behalf of the Customer. In these cases, SimpleSite behaves and will be considered as a "Data Processor" and not as a "Controller" (terms used in the European Data Protection Directive) of Customer Visitors' data.

The Customer who controls and operates the website in question is considered the "Controller" of this data and it is his responsibility to comply with the laws and regulations concerning the collection and control of the Visitor’s data, including all privacy and data processing laws of all relevant jurisdictions. You are responsible for the security, integrity and authorized use of your Visitors' Personal Data, and you must ensure that you obtain the necessary consent and permission to collect and use this data.

SimpleSite cannot provide legal advice to Customers or Visitors of Customers, however we suggest that all Customers publish a clear and understandable privacy policy on their websites, in compliance with laws and regulations, and that all Customer Visitors read the regulations carefully and make sure to consent to the written. For more information on how SimpleSite processes Customer Visitors' data (which may be relevant to the notification you provide and/or the consent you receive from your Visitor), please read sections 4, 6 and 9. If you are a visitor or a customer of our Customer, please read the following: SimpleSite has no direct relationship with the Visitors of Customers whose data is processed.

If you are a visitor, Customer, or a customer of our Customer, and wish to make a request regarding your Personal Data, please contact our Customer directly. For example, if you wish to access, correct or delete incorrect information processed by SimpleSite on behalf of one of its Customers, please contact the Customer in question (who is the "Controller" of the data). If we are required to remove any Personal Data of a Visitor to a Customer, we will respond to the request within thirty (30) days.

8.MARKETING EMAIL When you are subscribed to receive our marketing emails we save: Your user ID, the time of registration and IP address. This is for security reasons, so you can confirm that your IP address and website belong to you. Your email address. Your user ID: to allow you to easily access your website from the emails we send you. The type of website you have chosen e.g. Corporate or Personal: to send you relevant examples. How you use the newsletter service, that is, if you open, click or stop subscribing. This is to provide you with relevant information and to understand your level of interest. For example, if you don’t even open a marketing email from us for a year, we will stop sending you this type of email. We process your personal data with the utmost care.

We do not sell them to third parties. You can of course decide to discontinue your subscription via the dedicated link contained in all our emails. You can ask us to delete your data. We can do this unless we’re legally obligated to keep them, for example, if you paid for a subscription.

9. RIGHTS OF USERS Request for Information: We are happy to inform you of any type of data we have collected about you. This information is free of charge, processed within a month, and is usually sent to you by email (or mail if you request it). In order to receive relevant and detailed information, please inform us about the type of data (where possible). To make sure that the applicant is indeed who he says he is, we will need to prove his identity. Ideally, a copy of an ID.

Please obscure the document identification number from the copy. These copies will only be used for the purpose of processing your request. Rectification, deletion or interruption: In accordance with Article 26 of the Danish Act on Personal Data, you may request that any personal data concerning you be corrected, deleted or blocked. You can send us a request by mail or to the following email address: 10. CONTACT US If you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us using the following contacts: SimpleSite aps Toldbodgade 31, 3. tv 1253 Copenhagen Denmark 27 97 24 54 Email:

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