Identity and Future

Identity and Future

The Origin

The Murgia territory and the National Park of High Murgia is a fossilized pastoral world in its pre-industrial archaic dimension thrust into modernity; a world built by knowledge and rules now considered useless, outdated, and superfluous, yet fascinating and incredibly alive. An ancient knowledge we cannot afford to lose. In the rural tradition of my territory and its farmers (I am the son of a farmer) it has always been said that “The land never lets you starve,” “The vineyard is generous and tenacious,” “Peasant … large shoes and fine brain,” and “the earth never betrays you!”. The encounter among creativity, architecture, science, protection, preservation and enhancement of the identity of native vines is the foundation of a project that is born in a territory that is today “periphery”, then the centre of civilization. 

1874- Minervino Murge Podere Lamalunga
1874 - Minervino Murge  Podere Lamalunga
1874 - Minervino Murge Podere Lamalunga

These are places in which we become aware of the “cosmos dimension”, of the fragility of human existence, of the life cycle of man and of integration – coexistence with natural processes. In these places light and shadows, empty and full, sounds and silences help to perceive the beauty and harmony of Nature.

Mivita Today

And today, more than ever, the deep roots of civilization “push hard” towards renewal by letting new witnesses emerge.

From the proto-suprematist architecture of Castel del Monte of Emperor Frederick II to the avant-gardes andSuprematism of Kasimir Malevich towards MIRVITA: a centuries-old dance at the turn of the millennium and a testimony to the supremacy of Nature, Harmony and Beauty.

A Witness that Mirvita collects with a grave sense of responsibility and awareness, an avant-garde of the Space-Time dimension between ArtScience and Humanism projected into the 21st century.

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Tomorrow ..... The Future

MIRVITA has the folly awareness of the AUDACITY to create and experience a new dimension of development that merges regenerated Art-Science-Humanism. And all this in Italy – home of Futurism (which strongly influenced Malevic’s suprematist vision and theeuropean avant-garde) – in the Swabian Apulia, near Castel del Monte, the cradle of world civilization and the generator of Humanism in the Middle Ages, a prelude to the Renaissance.

Mirvita is anticipating a form of response to social conditions and historical events of our dramatic times. Mirvita is the bud of a new civilization in the Cosmic and Digital Age.

MIRVITA is a magical placewherereflecting together on an idea of the future in which
the osmosis between cultureand the specificity of the territories, can generate new
development through new cultural, hospitality, tourism, educationand research infrastructures, structuring new entities as aFor-benefit Attractor of development, innovation and culture open to the World.As a matter of fact, we do need to strengthen and expand Community-led new social institutions that underpins stimulus to recovery and support structures to enhance local resilience, particularly, in the most peripherical areas.

MIRVITA is beyond the visible