Who we are


The winery is located in the area of Swabian Apulia that intertwines its history with that of Puer Apuliae, Frederick II of Swabia, to this land deeply linked and renamed by his contemporaries Stupor mundi. Son of the Emperor Henry IV and Constance of Altavilla he issued laws, built walls and castles in Apulia Sveva. Castel del Monte, the most famous Italian octagon, now a World Heritage Site, dominates Puglia and fascinates the whole world. A testament to our millennial civilization. The modernization of our wine culture is due to the innovative agrarian reformer Giulio Bucci, a protagonist of the post-unification period of Italy. He built the first monumental cellar of post-risorgimentale Italy located in Minervino Murge. He exported his wines to the Bordeaux region in France, receiving numerous gold medals at the 1884 Turin Universal Exhibition. In this context of ancient wine traditions was born the farm Tor de' Falchi, founded in 1990 by Donato di Gaetano and creator of the brand Mirvita Opificium artevino dell'Azienda Agricola Tor de' Falchi.

Tor de' Falchi from the beginning has focused on the rediscovery of native vines such as Nero di Troia, Bombino Nero, Moscato Bianco Reale, Aglianico, Montepulciano and Fiano, that come to life under a very careful and detailed care of the individual strains and their inclinations. The vineyards are spread over an area of about 11 hectares at an average altitude of about 240 meters above sea level, framed by the unspoilt rural landscape that from Mount Vulture, crossing the rolling hills of the National Park of Alta Murgia, slopes down to the sea. Ancient limestone and rocky soils, optimal solar exposure, daily temperature ranges combined with logistics, efficient infrastructure and technological innovation determine the quality leap of production.



Visiting the winery, listening to its dreams, projects and foundations, means having the awareness of the golds of their lands, often forgotten, that re-emerge, to new life, becoming again a pole of interest and charm.
Discover the Sanctuary dedicated to barrels, immersed in lights that penetrate the tufa arches and in a music that reconciles with a peace found inside. Among woods that hold gold and myricae that tell the story, the secular one of our world of wine.
To know Mirvita means to feel with the senses and with the touch the roots of the soil. Strictly speaking. Three large finestre frame six meters of open ground in which the clay, sandy and limestone stratificazioni follow each other and alternate creating
a natural picture. What we can not see but that makes us righteous and fieri on the road of our lives.